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maestra translation agency provides services encompassing both interpreting services and translations. We offer a wide range of languages for translation.


Consecutive interpreting

While speaking, the speaker pauses from time to time and then his/her words are translated into the target language. This is a type of interpreting chosen especially for intimate meetings when the translation speed does not play an important role. This type of translating does not require hiring specialist equipment. However, it takes more time than simultaneous interpreting.


Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker's utterance and simultaneously translates his/her words into the other language. Simultaneous interpreting can be either whispering or booth interpreting. In whispering interpreting (also called chuchotage), a group of receivers is small (1-2 people) and the interpreter whispers the the content of the utterance to his/her listeners. Booth interpreting requires specialist equipment. Interpreters (2 people) sit in a special booth listening to the speech through headphones and transmitting its content to the receivers, who also wear headsets.


Written Translation

We translate both ordinary as well as specialist texts. Different formats and forms of delivering the text for translation are possible. We would like to be appreciated for the quality, reliability and accuracy of our translating. We always meet the agreed deadlines. We guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion. It is worth having your translation done by professionals who know how to translate and love what they do.


Specialist services

We organise conferences and business meetings, training and other meetings. We provide services connected with hiring and using equipment for simultaneous interpreting.

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