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trying to meet our customers' expectations, Maestra deals with organising conferences. We are able to organise any business meeting, or any other type of meeting, from start to finish. We specialise in servicing conferences requiring the use of equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation.


Business and casual meetings

Organising business meetings, or any other meeting, is a task requiring a lot of work. Outsourcing your conference organisation to Maestra is the surest way to achieving success measured by the satisfaction of the participants.
We provide:

  • conference marketing (printing and advertising media)
  • renting conference rooms
  • required sound equipment
  • computers, projectors and large format screens
  • servicing participants including:
    • organising invitations
    • transport and accommodation
    • registration
    • organising leisure time
  • catering
  • conference reception service
  • recording the meeting or conference
  • organising a video conference
In order to organise a conference, please contact us. The information we will need from you is, amongst others:
  • conference dates
  • location for service provision
  • number of participants
  • number of rooms
  • set up in rooms, e.g. lectern at the front and seating; oval table and lectern for the speaker etc.
  • conference subject
  • necessity of marketing support
  • conference registration (photos, audio, video)
  • the range of servicing participants

Business meetings

International conferences

Maestra specialises in servicing conferences requiring interpreting. We can organise the whole conference, as well as provide interpreters and equipment for simultaneous interpretation.
We provide professional:

  • sound equipment (cables, transmittors, amplifiers, feeders)
  • players with headphones for participants
  • sound proof interpreters' booths in accordance with ISO4043 standard
  • panels for interpreters and radiators (transmitting translation from the interpreter's panel to the receivers)
  • technical team for assembling and servicing equipment
  • and what is most important, appropriately prepared and experienced interpreters
If you wish to organise an international conference or hire interpreters and equipment for simultaneous interpretation - we encourage you to contact us. Except for information denoting the conference itself, we also ask for provision of the following information:
  • number of languages, to establish the number of necessary interpreters and booths
  • interpreters' work time - meeting schedule
  • number of participants
  • size of the room and the layout for placing participants (in order to choose the most appropriate sound equipment)
  • if possible, texts of presentations for interpreters as well as titles and names of participants


Professional outsourcing

Outsourcing meetings and conferences is the most popular method of saving money and time by companies, public institutions or organisations. It is worth using the services of Maestra in this area.
We offer you:

  • professionalism measured by customer satisfaction
  • a wide range of services connected with conference organisation
  • staff speaking languages used during the conference
  • detailed financial budgetting
  • support for disabled persons
In order to obtain detailed information please contact us.

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